Meet the Forward Together Whitehall Team

Tom Potter for Whitehall City Council President

I am running for City Council President because I believe that local government makes a difference in the lives of residents. I am a long-time citizen of Whitehall and I am deeply invested in the success of our community. I am committed to public service and energized by the work of this administration. Infrastructure investments in our city attract private investments and those monies allow us to make further city improvements.

Improved infrastructure, removal of blighted and unsafe properties, increased safety and crime deterrents, and quality housing options, are the accomplishments that make our residents’ quality of life better every day. I am committed to these initiatives and every single day, I’ve kept that commitment. My experience on the city council in Whitehall has prepared me to lead the legislative branch of our city government. I ask you to allow me to continue working for you and our city.

Lori Elmore for Whitehall City Council At-Large

Councilwoman Lori Elmore has diligently served the citizens of Ward 4 in the City of Whitehall since 2017. In her first campaign for council, Lori encouraged Whitehall Citizens to R.I.S.E.: Residents’ Involvement in Supporting Economic growth, and brought her vision and leadership to Council.

With over 30 years of public service and advocacy experience, Councilwoman Elmore is progressive, and results-oriented and strongly believes that a cohesive and inclusive community breeds safety, and wellness and creates an environment wherein thoughtful deliberations lead to good government decisions that benefit the majority of citizens.

During her time on Council, Lori proposed and enacted legislation to install a traffic sign at Fairway Boulevard and Etna Street that has increased pedestrian safety in that area. She also proposed and enacted legislation that declared and asserted that racism is a public health crisis!

With her eyes on the future, Lori proposed the first Whitehall Juvenile Diversion Program in conjunction with the Whitehall Police Department and Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center. And, in 2019, Lori initiated the 1st Whitehall Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “Day of Unity” which has become an annual event (except during the Covid-19 pandemic years) that has provided collegiate scholarships to six (6) Whitehall Yearling High School students!!

Lori’s dedication to the City of Whitehall also includes proposing the Whitehall Internet Purchase Exchange Location (“Meet Up Spot”) and serving on the Board of Zoning & Building Appeals Commission, as well as the Whitehall School Superintendent Advisory Group.

Councilwoman Elmore has received endorsements from many elected officials, community leaders, and organizations, and is now joining the #ForwardTogether campaign team to continue her service on Council as a Member At Large. Going forward, Elmore will expand on her proven record of accomplishment by promoting a high standard of City services, working to ensure clean and safe neighborhoods, encouraging entrepreneurship and economic development, and promoting investments in public and community safety initiatives. Councilwoman Elmore has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Ohio Dominican University.

Amy Harcar for Whitehall City Council At-Large

Amy and her husband Joel moved to Whitehall in 2005. Amy completed her BA in Art from Ohio State University and while pursuing her degree, began working with at-risk youth through the Greater Columbus Arts Council’s (GCAC) Children of the Future Program.  She volunteered with Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services (ETSS) in 2008, including helping plan the Enktuatash Festival (Ethiopian New Year) that took place at the Whitehall Community Center (now the YMCA). In 2014, Amy began working at ETSS full-time and manages the ETSS Family Care Program which serves immigrant and refugee survivors of violence and trauma. She holds a certification in Trauma Responsive Care and is a Credentialed Advocate. She works to educate others on the impact of trauma and the need for culturally appropriate services.

Amy has since been on the board of a non-profit organization and planned many fundraising and community improvement events.  Harcar served on the Whitehall Superintendent Advisory Committee for years and worked to pass the Whitehall City Schools levy in 2018. Amy loves living in Whitehall, she and her husband are excited to raise their son in such a diverse community.  

As a candidate for Whitehall City Council At-Large, Amy believes that the best way to serve the community is to amplify the voices of the residents, including those who feel unheard. She is thrilled to see the economic boom that is expected in Whitehall over the next few years. Many people feel like they are surviving and Amy wants to see people in her community thrive. Amy believes the best way to do this is by having sustainable housing, including everyone in the process, and making sure the safety of ALL Whitehall residents is a top priority. 

Amy will focus on these priorities: 

  • Housing

  • Safety

  • Inclusion

  • Thriving Communities

Shaquille Alexander for Whitehall City Treasurer

I’m running to be Whitehall City Treasurer to revitalize the office by strengthening visibility and ties to the community. I will work to create an environment for businesses to thrive and ensure Whitehall is a city of opportunity for residents of all ages, incomes, and backgrounds. With my expertise as a certified public accountant, I will work with partners to establish a curriculum focused on taxes, credit, and other financial concepts for Whitehall-Yearlings students. Whitehall is home and I look forward to serving the community that has given me so much.